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people with career wellness challenge

Health and wellness coaches

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Who are my wellness messengers ? People who have a message of wellness to spread … I am helping and guiding them by coaching or /and training programs to identify their natural intelligences and utilize them in their career well-being and success

  • Teachers and educators

  • Health care workers

  • Health educators

  • Healers

  • Coaches

  • Nutritionist

Our NLP practitioner and master practitioner programs will qualify and certify NLP practitioner and master practitioner by the American board of NLP so they will be able to either use NLP in their career or have their NLP coaching career

Over 5 Years Helping People Find Their True Lives

For over 5 years, I have been supporting people who are in transition to create long-term sustainable changes in their lives. I’m dedicated providing a secure, safe and powerful environment for you to discover the answers you need in order to archieve your health and life goals.

Are you curious about how my wellness coaching programs can help you? Contact me through any channel on this website to schedule a free consultation.


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Training Programs

  • Level 0 : Career wellness one day training program

  • Level 01: health and wellness coaching framework

  • Level 02: 5A’s model training

  • Level 03: 5A’s model training advanced

  • Level 04: NLP practitioner

  • Level 05: NLP master practitioner

Coaching Programs

  • One to one coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Peer Coaching

  • Therapy Sessions

Your life can turn around with help from a coach.

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1-on-1 Coaching

Customized coaching programs to guide individuals to live the life they want and create an impact in this world

Group Coaching

Coaching and training programs that developed to support group with the same concerns

Online Coaching

1-on-1 online coaching through Zoom or any online meeting platform. For details please contact

1-on-1 Coaching

Customized coaching programs to guide individuals to live the life they want and create an impact in this world

Group Coaching

Coaching and training programs that developed to support group with the same concerns

Online Coaching

1-on-1 online coaching through Zoom or any online meeting platform. For details please contact

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A healthy lifestyle was an unrealistic theory for me, until I met Chloe. She’s a knowledgeable coach and a caring friend that I can put my trust in. Now I’m living a new life and exploring new posibility inside and outside.

Natasha C.

Lifestyle Blog

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Useful Tips on Building A Healthy Home

August 19, 20213 min read

According to recent survey it has been revealed that your family especially the kids are threatened with major health risks if the design/architecture, built and maintenance of your home is improper.

So while planning out a new home or a home remodeling/renovation make sure that your home planner or design architect makes use of healthier home building techniques and technology. This shall ensure that your family and kids residing in such healthy homes are much more healthier and safer!

You might incur higher expenses while constructing a healthy and environmental friendly home as compared to normal homes. But the health and life of your children and family is supposed to be of utmost importance above anything else!

So while you are busy with your home plans or home renovation ideas spare a thought on the following points to build a healthier and safer home.

Budget your home plans keeping in mind that you have to use non-toxic or less toxic building materials that are a bit more expensive than general building materials.

General building and construction materials (particularly glues, paints, varnishes, insulators, etc.) are usually loaded with toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as urea, formaldehyde, lead, asbestos, carbon monoxide, etc. derived from petroleum. If inhaled continuously these toxins accumulate in the body leading to serious health problems.

While constructing cabinets and countertops or for sheathing, sub-flooring and roof decking the ideal choice is solid wood but if it is too expensive go in for exterior grade plywood only instead of particleboard/fiberboard that contains toxic glue mixed with wood chips.

Avoid vinyl and wall-to-wall carpet flooring. Vinyl floors contain poly vinyl chloride (PVC) a harmful chemical while fully carpeted floors accumulates dust, dust mites, molds, etc. all of which are potent causative agents of allergy, asthma and other chronic respiratory problems. Instead use healthier floor alternatives as cork, solid wood, marmoleum, tiles, bamboo, and so on.

Always make use of strictly low-odor and non-toxic paints containing highly reduced amounts of VOCs such as paints comprising of just clay and pigments. Paints are usually loaded with high quantities of lead. Avoid using such paints completely.

Avoid using resins and glues that contain formaldehyde especially urea formaldehyde.

To build the foundation, walls and roof panels of a healthy home make use of thick, natural, hygroscopic and breathable plasters and stuccoes such as clay-treated wood chip placed over sand and fine gravel instead of using foam boards or poly vapor barriers. This renders efficient indoor humidity control thus preventing the formation of molds. In this way you can also avoid the accumulation of harmful radon gas inside your home.

Avoid building bedrooms/living rooms over the garage space of your house. Toxic gasoline fumes can outgas from the fuel tank of your car and infiltrate into the bedrooms.

Install carbon monoxide testers/detectors especially near furnaces, fireplaces, and garage areas of your home. Radon testers must be essentially placed in the basement areas of your home as this harmful radioactive gas occurring in soil can seep into your home through the foundation.

For construction of a healthy home only hire registered professional home planners and home builders/contractors who have the required knowledge of building and planning healthier homes based on strict building guidelines.

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